Chairman PTA and TikTok Management Meet Without Results

Senior management of TikTok held virtual meeting with PTA today, said a statement issued by the Pakistani regulator. 

TikTok, in an effort to have meaningful engagement with PTA, and in compliance with instructions of the Authority with respect to moderating the unlawful online content in accordance with laws of Pakistan, held a detailed virtual meeting with Chairman PTA.

During the meeting, TikTok senior representative highlighted the efforts that have been taken besides sharing future strategy to improve content moderation in line with local laws.

It maybe recalled that PTA banned TikTok, after several warnings, for not moderating indecent and immoral content.

PTA, in its statement after banning TikTok, had said that it will welcome the platform to engage in any form of discussion to make sure that content shown on video sharing app is in compliance with local laws.

Exactly on how PTA had urged, and after ignoring PTA’s warnings, TikTok has now sat with PTA to resolve the ban.

Chairman PTA, in today meeting with TikTok high UPS, acknowledged the efforts of TikTok but asked for tangible timelines for the proposed actions.

Both sides said that they will continue their engagement to arrive at a mutually acceptable mechanism to continue to provide safe internet experience to the users in Pakistan.

  • Ban not only Tik Tok rather must ban Netflix, Likee, Pubge and such type of applications too which may bad effect our society. STOP these valgur, time wasting and baseless apps in our country. These apps are hardle in our country progress so STOP ASAP.

  • Very good inicative to ban this app govt and pta should ban other apps also who dis regard our social moral & islamic respects these types of apps like tik tok , bigo live , likee, pubg must be ban at once becoz they r killing our generation girls on bigo r doing very wrong on bigo live just to gain diamonds they r ready to do anything on live chat using abusive languages dis regards there famalies respects so these bloody apps must be ban at once by PTA

    • Very well said. Alongside banning such apps, we as parents and elders must fulfill our duty to do tarbiyah of our generations on Islamic lines. A vacuum can’t bring any khayr. We must provide them alternatives similar to Youth club through which they can fulfill their fun needs under guidance of those who are arriving in the same direction towards connecting with Allah

  • This Ban is under the pressure of USA… Od our GOv would be so dam ethical… Why like bego etc such many apps are still running on a huge scale under the table with out anyyyy question marks!!!!!!!!

  • Tiktok should be unbanned because the users who where not getting chance to become famous and now with the help of tiktok they are now famous and ban is not only a solution to stop illegal contents , tiktok can block whose users who are creating bad contents

  • Agar ap tiktok ko ban kar raha ho toh jho raping kar raha hai un ko q phasi nahi ho rahi and dusri bhe apps bhot gundhi hai sarif tiktok nahi and tiktok sa sab intertain ho raha tha and agar koi bad content bhana raha hai toh ap ues ki id block karlo ap puri tiktok ko Q ban kar raha ho

  • How about instead banning rape and abuse of women and children? That is a more dominant issue than banning ticktock or netflix

  • Its good to bann tiktok. Tiktok is having a bad impact on our young generation and yeah i must say that our government must take action against this time wasting and vulgar app 6 months before. I think PTA must stand firmly on its decision…

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