Smartphone Companies Are Working on 100W Wireless Charging: Leak

Wireless charging is something Smartphone manufacturers have been majorly investing in over the past few years. One of the reasons behind this is their aim of coming up with unbeatable tech that will help them surpass their rivals.

Only recently, multiple smartphone manufacturers, including OnePlus and Xiaomi, have announced 30W wireless charging. Apart from this, OPPO announced its 65W wireless charging technology (not commercially available) earlier this year. However, considering the current user needs and the technological sophistication, this pretty much comes under the ‘overkill’ category, especially if we take into account the massive amount of heat generated from the hardware.

However, this is not stopping the OEMs from stepping it up further. Catering to their lofty ambitions, smartphone makers are already working on 100W wireless charging making it available as soon as 2021.

The Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station recently announced that he has been monitoring an unnamed phone manufacturer’s progress. The company is already headed towards making 100W wireless charging possible. It will be interesting to see how the wireless charging pad and the coil overheating is tackled.

For those who don’t know, as the wattage number goes higher, the amount of heat generated increases. Hence, dissipating heat produced by 100W in a compact space can be a challenge.

In other news, the same tipster claims that gaming Smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 875 would support 100W wired charging in 2021. Since the chipset maker is working with ASUS to launch a new gaming series, we might soon see the new tech in ASUS smartphones.