CAA Shifts Air Traffic Control of Major Cities from Karachi

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has decided to shift air traffic control of major cities from Karachi to Lahore from next week.

CAA has taken this decision under its revised air traffic control plan for different cities.


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According to details, air traffic control of Quetta, Sukkur, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Kalat will be transferred to Lahore from 26 October.

Director Operations CAA Lahore will formally inaugurate the air traffic control for these cities next week.


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Till now, CAA Karachi was responsible for controlling air traffic passing over these cities.

    • they are not used by most foreign airlines and hence Karachi would better serve foreign aircrafts.

  • All local piolets understand punjabi so its easy for Lahore to understand the language. Karachi would likely to handle the international flights.

  • This is very old story when Karachi was replaced by Islamabad being capital of Pakistan.
    Pakistan Navy moved headquarters from Karachi.
    This will continue

  • ex and hazir service people destroying anything and everything they can, incl caa and pia.
    Only Allah can save pk from these goons and dacoits.

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