Zong 4G Expands its Network Footprint in Sindh and Balochistan

With a mission of ensuring that every Pakistani has access to best-in-class 4G services, Zong 4G today announced that the company has expanded its network footprint in Sindh and Baluchistan.

Zong 4G has been consistently expanding its network across the country to serve the underserved areas. This network expansion exercise has added 100 new sites to seamlessly connect the people of Sindh and Baluchistan.

“We are leading and accelerating digital transformation in Pakistan and want every citizen to be a part of this empowerment journey,” said Zong 4G’s official spokesperson. “We strongly believe in universal connectivity and are actively pursuing digital egalitarianism which could open doors to new and equal opportunities for the masses.”

Zong enjoys a cellular network and 4G coverage supremacy in Pakistan with more than14,000 4G towers and over 37 million customers. The company is highly customer-centric, focusing on delivering a comprehensive connectivity solution to its subscribers that’s built on their evolving needs.

  • They are not able to service their existing connections properly and expanding further. Alas… no value of people’s money wasted on such pathetic service providers and no one cares whether company or Government authorities.

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        • Did you ever heard a word Call Quality, Connection Time, Bit Rates of Voice Call, Coverage of indoor and out door and Pings on Internet Connectivity

          hahaha I am Damn Sure u know nothing about Quality
          We Luvv the Ufone since 2006 a Pride User never had an issue in any area of Pakistan, Quality Matters rather than ur Poor baar baar call disconnect and no on pe b ( aap ka matlooba number band hai halaan k banda sath khrra hot hai ) and must be known issue indoor outdoor Quality

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