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Sindh Government Halts the People’s Bus Service in Karachi

The Sindh government has ceased the operations of the People’s Bus Service in Karachi due to insufficient financial and administrative resources. The service has reportedly shut down for the second time since its inception, with the first suspension taking place in April last year. The suspension at that time was also due to insufficient funds.

Reports from a media outlet suggest that 10 air-conditioned buses were rolled out by the provincial government in alliance with Daewoo Express Bus Service a couple of years ago, covering a daily route between Dawood Chowrangi in Landhi to Tower in Karachi. At that time, the administration reported that the service incurred huge losses of Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 400,000 every month.


Karachi Has the World’s Worst Public Transport: Bloomberg

The reason for those losses was low fare rates and the rising fuel prices along with other operational costs. Daewoo Bus Service, which was the service operator, told the media that the Sindh government failed to extend the contract despite the commitment at the time of the launch.

The operator also reported that Daewoo Bus Service had to bear all the financial burden of the operational expenses such as maintaining the buses and looking after the staff, and everything in between.


FBR Removes the Condition That Made it Difficult to Import Cars Under the Gift Scheme

A renowned magazine, Bloomberg, has dubbed the public transport of Karachi as the worst in the world. The report further added that the condition of the roads, the enforcement, and the abidance of rules are all in a terrible state. The public transport in the city consists of the popular ‘Omni Buses’ that barely fit the bill for suitable transport, especially for females.

  • This is the situation of PPP governance, in Sindhis. Where it is is power for the last thirty years. Now want to form government in GB. May Allah keep the peoples of GB from PPP rule. Peoples of GB, please beware of PPP. Don’t Ever bring this party in power in your province.

  • The Karachi downtown and Landhi suburb has many things in common. Those people has yo commute daily in early morning to go offices, courts and private businesses. This type of service was running from Saddar to Landhi. It has to cover the distance of 20 miles in shortace possible time. It was packed and very slight stop was at Drigh Road. The route has to be divided in two parts namely one I mentioned earlier from Landhi to Saddar and second from Saddar to Tower.The rent should be 30 and 20 rupees for each route respectively.

  • PPP is the biggest disaster in the history of pakistan. Ruined everything possible good thing for karachi which comes in the way.

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