4 International Consortiums Bid to Change Islamabad’s Master Plan

Four consortiums of international town planning firms, with representatives from 11 companies, have applied bids for the revision of Islamabad’s master plan, Dawn news reported on Monday.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) sources told the media that the financial bids would be opened in approximately a month to be awarded to the lowest bidder. The project might take two years to complete after the allotment of the contract.

CDA sought applications for the project in September this year after the incumbent government formed a commission in December 2018 to revise the master plan.

In October 2019, the federal cabinet headed by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, approved an interim report by the commission. CDA then got the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents vetted by the Planning Commission, the news report said.

The master plan in concern was first developed in 1960 by a Greek Firm, Doxiadis Associates, and was supposed to be revised every twenty years. However, no revisions were made to accommodate the evolving needs of the city.


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Successive governments did make selective changes over the years, but none of them took place with a consultation with professional experts. The city, as it is today, has forty aspects changed over the years as compared to the 1960’s master plan.

An official of the CDA said,

PC-1 is worth around Rs. 600 million, but after opening the financial bids, we will see what rate the companies have offered.

Islamabad currently has a population of over 2.2 million and is rapidly expanding. However, it is still following the existing master plan developed in 1960.

According to CDA, the selective changes made over the years without professional consultation has led to poor planning and a lot of unauthorized construction, especially in the rural areas of the capital.

Some issues have been addressed by the commission already, including the development of bylaws for commercial buildings. However, there is still a lot left in achieving a comprehensive revision of the city’s blueprint.

A CDA official said that the hired consultant would propose solutions to the city’s several issues, including unauthorized construction, slums, water availability, public transport, environment, and roads, etc.

  • Why only Islamabad, There are thousands of cities, towns, villages and many settlements government should also focus on their designs cuz we have seen what’s happened with Karachi, that’s what poor planning leads to. If government doesn’t focus on these sub 1 Million cities, towns, villages etc. it will surely lead to catastrophe.

    • Yes other cities desperately need a plan as well however prevention is better then a cure. Islamabad needs prevention and other big cities need a cure. Better and easier to prevent an other city becoming like Karachi and Lahore and than also to fix these cities as well inshaAllah.

    • IK has already ordered to develop master plans of all major cities ASAP. Others will follow as well.

  • This is not a popular Govt. It has earned the stigma of being selected. Surely, it lacks the mandate to change Capital’s master plan. For God sake, this is not bani Gala or Aleem Khan’s park view, it is Islamabad. I leave it at that.

  • Yes, Great decision that’s the leadership is sa pehlay k Islamabad ka b wohi haal ho jo Karachi ka ha. Waqt par faisla karna ho ga warna Islamabad ka haal b Karachi jesa hony wala ha.

  • Before doing job. . Solve issues of affectees of Islamabad. Clear Water shortage problem and throw out currept CDA workers and officials from this department and knock down bribary in CDA.

    • Barotha Water supply project is underway. It will solve water shortage problem in most areas of islamabad.

  • Definitely , Master Plan must be revised as the capital jurisdiction is full of illegal construction in all Sectors of CDA especially in 16 . Where local mafia is involve with the Managment Committ of the Society. Still for the last 20 years all dues have been submitted by the members and No posseion or development occurred especially in G16 Sector 1 & 2.

    Requested highups and judiciary to delete all the illegal cases filed by local land lord mafias in Sector G16.
    CDA should take Stern action against them and to fix psnsltieston MC not take posseion of the allowed plots.

  • Good decision as it needed well before. We believe government has great mandate especially from Islamabad due educated population. We think pending issues should be resolved through proper planning not like previous governments….

  • Yes Government should take proper step to manage the urban sprawl and mismanagement of resources. This issue is increasing day by day and causes many environmental issues as well.

  • Imran khan is taking good measures to control the pandemic.thus people r not careful.lots of people still not wearing the masks.not using sanitisers.gov should take strict actions against such fatal negligence.

  • 400 Kennal Illegally made Palace of selected prime minister should also be managed

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