KP Assembly Passes Resolution Legalizing Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution on legalizing cryptocurrencies and crypto-mining. With that, KP Assembly has become the first legislative assembly to have approved a resolution in the favor of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan.


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According to details, PTI MPA, Dr. Sumera Shams, introduced the resolution in the provincial assembly on Wednesday. The draft of the resolution states current trends suggest that digital currencies will replace paper currencies in the future.

Waqar Zaka also tweeted on the matter claiming that he had made the initial suggestion and worked with the lawmakers to legalize businesses related to crypto-currencies. He also announced to work with other provincial lawmakers and get similar approvals in the future.


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While several central banks around the world have registered and issued cryptocurrencies, many countries, including the US, have taken concrete steps towards introducing and legalizing cryptocurrencies.

Keeping these developments in view, the KP government calls on the federal government to register and officially introduce cryptocurrencies after enforcing necessary legislation, the draft concludes.

  • They might as well legalise gambling right now!
    This is just token modernity with no thought, jumping on the bandwagon of trying to look like they are high tech.
    Unless there’s an official government approved and SBP created crypto currency like an “E-PKR” which is regulated and controlled by the federal government, and we can use it to pay taxes and buy a chai, crypto currency is just pure speculation with no real value, IE gambling.

  • There’s a YouTube video by CNBC that explains how crypto currency is actually valued against gold.
    You should watch it if you have any ambiguity.
    I have watched other videos which explains it in difficult financial terms which is hard to understand.
    Try the CNBC video for good explanation.

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  • Well now when this all is getting done I think there’s also a need of removing restrictions over the global payment methods i.e (PayPal, mastercard) method as it aids in buying and selling of bitcions and other digital currencies so we can get work done in our own country

  • Good work yes crypto currency legal honi chahiye pakistan mein, dunya bahut aage nikal chuki hai pakistan bahut peche, paypal ko bhi legal krna chahiye

  • Its good to follow the blockchain and crypto currency. It will be the future, legalize it and make laws to stop illegal funding. crypto currency is coming, you cant stop it you just control it.

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