Punjab Reports Zero Cases of Coronavirus Reinfection

The Corona Experts Advisory Group (CEAG) has asserted that no evidence of re-infection of COVID-19 cases exists in Punjab. CEAG representatives and health experts conducted a press briefing earlier this week for discussing trends and policy guidelines to curb the emergence of the second COVID-19 wave in Pakistan. Apprising news outlets on their purview, they stated,

There is no confirmed research regarding re-infection of COVID-19 although a few cases internationally have been reported once in a blue moon,


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Chairman CEAG, Prof. Dr. Mahmood Shaukat, said Pakistan has received international recognition for efforts made to prevent the spread of the virus. In a statement, he added,

Yet, according to the statistics of peak season of the first wave of coronavirus in June this year, we are standing at the same level with regard to daily deaths due to COVID-19. The vaccine was under trials and will be decided upon by regulatory authorities

Shaukat advised the nation on adhering to established COVID-19 SOPs, saying that the virus has no bounds with political, religious, and social gatherings.

He suggested that with each triggering event, be it political, religious, or social, the number of cases quadrupled with extreme severity in Punjab. With the influx of seasonal influenza patients coupled with the mysterious coronavirus, Shaukat said the government has prioritized tests on patients with COVID-19 symptoms. “This is to use the resources in the smartest way possible,” he added.

The chairman lauded the media for its role in creating awareness to help fight the virus when it first hit Pakistan in late February 2020. Now, he has called for the media to play a more comprehensive role in the second wave of the virus,

It’s reminder for all of us to follow the SOPs and wear mask as a daily routine. If we ignored the precautionary measures, we may have to face maximum casualties

Meanwhile, the P&SHD Punjab Secretary, Captain (retd.) Muhammad Usman revealed that ‘interaction’ as well as ‘the duration of interaction’ have been identified as key indicators of transmission of COVID-19. He maintained that the PCR test is a gold standard for the initial diagnosis of the virus. Data pertaining to each PCR test is accurate, and inquiries regarding false COVID-19 testing are consistently conducted to ensure full transparency.


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According to the secretary, the number of total tests conducted in Punjab so far is 2,223,422. The number of tests conducted in the past 24 hours is 16,931. In Lahore, the lockdown has been imposed in 63 areas so far, besides 20 areas in Rawalpindi and six in Gujrat.

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