All PIA Flights Canceled After Saudi Arabia Shuts Down Borders

All Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights to Saudi Arabia were canceled on Sunday after the country imposed a ban on all international commercial flights for a week.

The ban was renewed in the wake of a second COVID outbreak in the country, state news agency SPA quoted an interior ministry source. However, the foreign flights already in the kingdom will be allowed to leave.


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It added that the entry to Saudi Arabia through land and seaports will be also suspended.

According to the PIA spokesperson, all PIA flights to Saudi cities, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Abha, and Dammam have been canceled due to non-clearance from the Saudi authorities.


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The spokesperson maintained that the flight operations to the kingdom will remain suspended till the flight permits are obtained again and the affected passengers will be accommodated as soon as the flights are restored.

He asked the passengers to contact the call center at  111786786 for any inquiry, information, and guidance.

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