Pakistan Army Rescues Polish Climber From K2

Pakistan Army has successfully airlifted an unwell Polish mountaineer from K2 base camp to Skardu.

According to details, Waldemar Kowalewski’s ascent to the K2 summit was cut short after he complained about a hernia that developed during a load-carrying trip to advanced K2 base camp. He was a part of the biggest international SST K2 winter expedition.


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An Army aviation helicopter evacuated the afflicted Polish climber from the world’s second-tallest mountain to Skardu where he is being treated for a hernia.

This is the second time that Kowalewski has attempted to ascent K2 in winter.


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Sadly, both of his expeditions have ended early and abruptly due to injuries. In winter 2018-19, he was hit by a chunk of ice on his way to camp 1.

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