FBR to Issue License of Track and Trace System

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to issue a license of the Track and Trace System to the successful bidder for electronic monitoring of tobacco, cement, sugar, and fertilizer during January 2021.

Top officials from FBR informed Propakistani that the FBR’s licensing committee will grant license of track and trace system, comprising members of the Inland Revenue officers and will be headed by a chief commissioner.

However, if any of the bidders have approached the FBR’s grievance committee, their concerns would be addressed before granting the license of track and trace.

The project would be rolled out during June 2021. The FBR will not delay the process of granting the license of Track and Trace System beyond January 2021, officials maintained.


FBR Extends Date to Complete Bidding Process of Track and Trace System

Under FBR SRO 250(I)/2019, the licensee shall be responsible to operationalise the system within six months of issuance of the license. The licensee shall run and manage the system under proper warrantee and shall ensure maintenance during the period of the license.

The FBR has successfully held a pre-bidding conference for the grant of a five-year license for an IT-based solution for electronic monitoring (Track and Trace System) of specified goods i.e. tobacco, cement, sugar, and fertilizer.

The Licensee shall be responsible for safe and secure capture and real or near-real-time transmission of the System related information from the production lines, factory premises, and designated import stations to FBR control rooms.

In addition, the Licensee shall ensure that the System relevant monitoring data captured in the field by FBR or representatives of other duly authorized Pakistan Government agencies are transmitted in the manner that will be readable/ translatable for the purpose of the License, without incurring any additional cost to the Goods manufacturers. In both cases, the Licensee shall ensure that in case of network outages the data shall be securely stored for later synchronization with FBR control rooms.


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The Licensee shall provide a complete MIS, including an analytical dashboard, enabling FBR to access and evaluate the events, gaps, and other deviations from the normal production process. The data shall be displayed on a geographical map of Pakistan that will enable data analytics and effective reporting by FBR, the tobacco data collection and reporting need to support the compliance by Pakistan with its obligations under Articles 8 and 9 of the FCTC Protocol.

Ownership of the System data will vest with FBR on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. The Licensee will have the right to access and use the System data solely for the authorized operation of the System. The Licensee shall not disclose the data to any third parties including affiliates and keep the data confidential.

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