Punjab is Revamping Exam Pattern to Eliminate Rote Learning

The Intermediate and Matriculation boards of Punjab have decided to revise the patterns of their examination question papers to discourage rote learning among students.

In a bid to eliminate rote learning which involves students focusing more on memorizing passages rather than understanding concepts, half of the new patterns will be based on reasoning and conceptual understanding, and the other halves will be theoretical.


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The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) has already set up a working paper on this and intends to make the entire examination conceptual by next year.

This means that candidates will be required to apply logic to solve the examinations rather than writing down memorized passages.


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The boards have decided to constitute a high-level committee that will monitor and review the progress of the proposed plan. The committee will comprise the Additional Secretary Board, the Punjab Higher Education Commission, the textbook board, the chairmen of the boards, and the Deputy Secretary Board.

In this regard, the approval of the Higher Education Department will be sought prior to the implementation of the final decision.

  • Finally they did tge necessary things since my childhood i am fed up with this cramming education which gives us no advantage but wastes our time but they are doing their job and changing this useless education system to a better and beneficial system of education

  • Please سالانہ exam 9th k march main kr dain kuin ka agay رمضان المبارک ho ga. Muslman ban kr sochian bachay kasay roza ka sath paper dain gay.

  • Finally, a good decision! But its a bit too late. Throughout childhood studies they focused on cramming. It would be difficult for these type of students who deliberately crammed their subject.
    Well I appreciated that..

  • There is always experiments in our educational system specially at BISE level. The new system cant prevail untill the old school thought teachers r trained or to bring a new lot of conceptual teachers.

  • At the end of year u r saying to end rote learning knowing that every student of Pakistan need to cram..it has become a trend

  • It is an appreciating step towards our education system for what I have longed for it is not too late and being a teacher I had an urge to eradicate this root of cramming which is decaying the student’s minds so I welcome to this change infact transformation.

    • Actually, there is Khan academy which is already working for this purpose since 12 years. It is run by Sal Khan, and is not strictly limited to the syllabus of ours. Or any for that matter. I believe you could. Use the power of their software and techniques(it is a collaborative tool) to revamp your circle of education all the while. Not letting grades of your students down

  • This is a nice initiative ..perhaps too late
    But anyhow it’s never too late …
    May almighty help those who want to change this society…aameen

  • کفر ٹوٹا خدا خدا کر کے
    مگر اس کا اطلاق چھٹی جماعت سے ہونا چاہیے کیونکہ بنیادی concepts وہیں سے پروان چڑہتے ہیں۔

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