WhatsApp Begins Ad Campaign to Stop Users From Leaving The App

After rolling out its rather naive terms of service, WhatsApp saw a massive shift of users from its platform to other, more privacy-oriented platforms like Signal and Telegram.

In its attempts to retain its user base and bring back the people who decided to migrate to other apps, the company has delayed the privacy policy update by 3 months and is trying to convince users that their privacy is still maintained.

WhatsApp in damage control in the wake of privacy policy backlash

Recently, WhatsApp uploaded a series of statuses sending out the message it has been trying to amplify for the past weeks, i.e., they are committed to privacy, they cannot read chats or listen to calls, they cannot track your location, and that they don’t share your contacts with Facebook.

WhatsApp puts 'privacy' as Status to reach out to users - Latest News | Gadgets Now


Apart from this, a recent report by Reuters has revealed that the company even went as far as purchasing front-page ads in leading newspapers in India. The ad reads “WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy” and states that, “the new privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with your friends and family in any way”. Ad spending of this scale should be nothing less than millions of rupees.

The platform claims that the new terms of service only relate to interactions with businesses. However, it is still tight-lipped about the amount of metadata it collects.

Nevertheless, considering the traction other applications have received over the past few weeks, WhatsApp will spend much more on marketing in the days to come.

  • WhatsApp cant see your shared location lol :P

    they will only see your location via your ip

    • Having estimated location via IP is done by every other company. For instance, Google Chrome even know your exact location while browsing from your PC (even when your PC doesn’t have a GPS). How? Simply if you ever connected your phone to same Wifi with GPS turned on, Android steals and update your location to Google servers. However, no one cries about privacy against Google as it’s their only choice.

      • yes of course. No App can be used without giving them the right to access our contacts, photos, and other things. No one cares about it. Just simply press agree.

  • Why am feeling so happy to hear that people leaving WhatsApp while personally i am still using 😂😂

  • WhatsApp can’t see, hhhhhhhhh… Nice joke, hhhhhh, signal is the best, glad to hear that people are leaving WhatsApp.

  • Don’t care about whether they are or aren’t sharing data with Facebook. We still should boycott all these major Big Tech companies and transfer to local or trusted apps. The more we use the the products of these big tech companies the powerful they get.

  • Any app is not trusted every app have data of ur chats and calling My suggestion whatsapp is still best

  • Joke of the decade 😂 they do collect our data and now they are trying to be politically correct.

  • I dont understand. Why these big tech companies are so confident about that they will change a major part and people will be happy. People are only worried of their privacy. If you expose it even after 3 months people will not be able to trust you.

  • They are try to cool the situation but ultimately they will do it. Its all about business even if they have to slotter every one.
    Privacy is for them silves but not for others. I they will get your data one way or other. Signal is from USA to and eventually ower is on same interest side.
    I moved to Telegram the best alternate. I recommend it.

  • We have been using whatsapp since long time but now some people don’t trust on whatsapp because of fake rumors.If you leave whatsapp then stop to spread hateness about whatsapp.

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