Criminals Use PUBG to Sexually Assault and Murder a Teenager

Important information regarding the sexual assault and murder of a 13-year-old boy in Lahore has surfaced, revealing that the murderers had befriended him through an online game, PUBG.


Lahore DIG Investigations, Shariq Jamal, while addressing a press conference said that the police had arrested three suspects, Atta Ullah, Mussawar Iqbal, and Muhammad Naveed, in the case.


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The investigation revealed that they had befriended the victim, a resident of Raiwind, via PUBG but their relationship had soured as the boy had been avoiding them.

The suspects had developed a grudge against the boy for avoiding meeting them. They hatched a plan to teach him a lesson.

The officer said that the suspects abducted the victim and took him to Nankana Sahib, where they sexually assaulted him before shooting him dead.


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The police have also arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter repeatedly over a long time. The suspect, Boota Masih, had been subjecting the victim to sexual violence for over two years. When his wife caught him and decided to report it to the police, he threatened her and threw hot tea at her.


  • Again, the blame will go to a video game, and not the kid who made such friends and gave them all his address details as everything… it is a bad news that the kid got murdered in such a way, but game didn’t give away his contact information to such players…

    If police cathces drug dealers driving a rickshaw, they don’t start beating the rickshaw or start blaming the rickshaw and then start taking steps to ban rickshaw in roads…

    • He did this mistake because he was a “Kid”. So it is better to ban the game instead of blaming kids or parents after every other incident.

      Lastly, anything that is addictive & does more harm than good is forbidden. Period!

  • the author looks like an educated guy….. but…
    what exactly is the connection between PUBG and this burtal act?

  • The Police should seek victim’s data from Tencent Gaming (PUBG Developers). Using the data they can find which people were in his friend’s list and about the victims recent activity. They can even find the location of the people that committed this crime by getting their IP data from Tencent Gaming. But I suspect the DIG is not that tech savy. FIA Cyber Crime division should be involved.

  • Parents should teach their children (especially boys) to not share their information online with strangers. Parents often ignore teaching boys this q k khair he larka he kia hojana he. And if the police are competent enough they can easily find the criminals.

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