MG Celebrates After Selling 1000 SUVs in Islamabad

In yet another milestone development, Morris Garages (MG) has sold 1,000 cars in Islamabad.

After what seems to have been a celebratory gathering, Javed Afridi took to Twitter to announce that the company has sold 1,000 units in the federal capital.


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Last week, MG had organized a similar event after selling 1,000 cars in Faisalabad.

Only a few months after MG’s arrival in Pakistan, Javed Afridi had claimed that MG had received 10,000 bookings. But, industry experts had refuted him, citing various reasons regarding the demand and supply dynamics of the auto industry.

However, recent milestones show that MG has taken the Pakistani market by storm.

Earlier this month, MG Pakistan was officially launched in a ceremony that was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet members.


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The event had the distinguished guests speak words of encouragement regarding the automaker’s entry into the Pakistani market and express their faith in the progress of the company and the auto industry.

Although the initial buzz about the automakers’ arrival in Pakistan seems to have reaped solid results, it remains to be seen if MG will maintain its progress in the rapidly changing automotive landscape of Pakistan.

  • زبردست ہو گیا.. اس
    ملک میں مہنگائی صرف اور صرف عام آدمی کے لیے ہے باقی سب کے مزے ہیں

  • MG HS is 5.5 million PKR for a FWD CROSSOVER not SUV, 4 years warranty or 100 000km.
    Kia sportage is 5.4 million for the AWD SUV, 4 years warranty or 100 000 km.
    and Proton X-70 is 4.7 million AWD SUV, 5 years warranty or 150 000 km (Most affordable compact SUV in Pakistan).
    To be honest MG is expensive for what it’s offer, if people know how useful are AWD, they will understand how bad is to choose MG over Sportage or X-70.

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