Custodians Clean the Holy Kaaba in Record Time [Video]

Videos have surfaced on Twitter showing Masjid Al-Haram management cleaning the roof of the Kaaba in a record time of 40 minutes.

The Saudi administration in charge of custodial affairs shared pictures and videos of the cleaning process. The administration personnel can be seen sweeping the floors of the Holy Kaaba with extreme precision, making sure the roof is spotless and clean on all sides.

Worshippers and pilgrims can be seen inside the Haram the entire time, looking upon the cleaning process.


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While maintaining standards of cleanliness at the holy site, the Saudi management has expressed a resounding commitment to continue and periodically improve the process of keeping the Bait Ullah clean and spotless.

Various programs are currently in the works, and the Saudi management has vouched to implement each program repetitively, all the while strictly adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the coronavirus.