PMC Increases Seats for Medical Colleges After Backlash From Students

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has added 240 additional seats for medical institutes in Punjab after facing backlash from the public. As per reports, the PMC has increased 10 percent of existing allocated seats at 13 public colleges and 20 percent in 2 other colleges subject to further inspection.

The medical commission is waiting on similar requests from other provinces until 29th January 2021.


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The decision to increase the medical quota was taken at a meeting between representatives of the federal government, associated provincial governments, Azad Jammu and Kashmir government, and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The meeting was originally planned for discussing numerous requests forwarded by the Standard Committees of Senate and the National Assembly to readjust medical seats for Balochistan and FATA medical and dental college candidates.

The meeting agreed that provincial governments may apply for emergency readjustments to the existing quota system. In exceptional cases, relevant colleges may induct up to 20 percent of previously allocated capacity.

It was further decided that all emergency enhancements over 10 percent will be subject to a heavy inspection of concerned colleges over a prescribed period of six months.


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The new policy is for public colleges only, and the concerned provincial governments will be responsible for assuring required facilitation for accommodating students.