Atlas Honda to Increase Bike Prices for the Second Time in a Month

Atlas Honda is one of Pakistan’s biggest manufacturers of motorbikes that boasts the highest sales figures every month. However, it has recently developed a reputation for increasing the prices of its motorbikes at every opportunity.


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The Editor in Chief of the monthly, Automark Magazine, Muhammed Hanif Memon, has just revealed on his Facebook page that Atlas Honda will introduce a second price hike for its motorbikes within a month. The new prices are as follows:

Bikes Current Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.)
CD-70 79,500 81,900 2400
CD-70 Dream 85,500 87,900 2400
Pridor 110,500 113,500 3000
CG-125 131,500 134,500 3000
CG-125 w/Self-Starter 159,500 162,900 3400
CB-125 F 192,500 195,900 3400
CB-150 F 247,500 250,900 3400


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The last price hike had been announced on 1 January 2021, whereby the prices of the motorbikes had been increased by almost the same amount. Ironically, despite multiple price hikes, there has been no improvement in the product quality or the lineup except for a slight variation in the sticker design.

However, Honda continues to reign supreme in the market and is selling its bikes in huge numbers on a regular basis. Although relatively contemporary buyers demand a better product from Pakistan’s largest bike manufacturer, it is overshadowed by the demand of a more typical group of buyers whose main concern is to travel from one point to the next in an economical and reliable fashion.

Note that while the automaker has not confirmed this news yet, it is more than likely to be true.

  • No need to buy honda atlas anymore please request to all Pakistanis nation to become a true nation and must be boycott this companys products immediately.You all must think this company continuously increasing their prices against zero improvements only they change their boring stickers and they making fool to all nation.please try pakistan made products only Inshallah i hope you will get good results regarding price.Thanks to all.Pakistan zinda baad

    • Rise in prices are due to almost doubled the rates of material (Iron, Silver, Aluminum etc).
      Sticker has been changed almost 5 months before and prices increased just 22 days before.
      We are here just because we are not manufacturing and buying our Pakistani products and you are suggesting to do the same for NOT TO BE A FOOL? Wow.. 👍🏼

  • Well increase in the price of raw material occurs for all the manufacturers. Why is only Honda increasing its prices. There seems to be a sense of BADMASHI working. They think their products will be bought whatever the price. I for one am having a150 but against the nearly pretty of a a vespa primavera it lagged miserably despite the fact that vespa is also 150cc

  • Shamful to Honda manufacturers in Pakistan why are you increasing price twice a month, we all Pakistani citizen should boycott Honda all Pakistani boycott buying Honda motorcycles we can let them down in Sha Allah 🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰

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