Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Outsources Pilot Licensing Exams Following Scandal

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has decided to outsource licensing exams of pilots to the United Kingdom’s Aviation Authority.

The development comes as CAA attempts to allay concerns of the global aviation industry on the issue of alleged fake licenses of Pakistani pilots.


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During an online public meeting, DG CAA, Khaqan Murtaza, said that UK’s CAA will start holding the licensing exams of CAA either at the end of March or the start of April.

All CAA licensing exams, including commercial/airline transport pilot license (CPL/ATPL), are suspended since June last year after Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, on the floor of the National Assembly, while presenting the preliminary findings of the PK-8303 crash, revealed that most PIA pilots possessed fake licenses.


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After this startling revelation, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), had suspended PIA’s authorization to operate in European Union member countries for six months.

Towards the end of December last year, EASA refused to allow PIA to resume its flight operations to and from European countries and extended the ban for another three months.

  • Very good idea years ago I used to work at Holiday inn Gatwick( london) where a team of pilots used to stay at the hotel and used to train an simulators at a nearby centre and used to complete their courses and certified but than PIA installed simulation technology in Pakistan and training shifted to Pakistan to cut costs.Needless to say costs were cut but internal sufarish system and nepotism produced third grade and fake pilots the results are for all to se e Pakistan Aviation in dire straits.

  • Good opportunity for UK to grab billions of dollars from Pakistan as fee. This all happened due to inefficient government.

  • What a shame for Pakistani nation. Ch Ghulam Sarwar is an irresponsible person. He should be sacked immediately. Contrary to this India has more in number the fake licences… But they are managing the situation in a much positive ma nner with harming their country interest.
    Sarwar is Not serving the interest of Pakistan mayplease don’t under estimate the Human stupidity.

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