Apple Maintains its Supremacy at the Top of Smartphone Sales Charts for Q4

After a rather turbulent sales year, the smartphone industry ended the year 2020 on a good note thanks to the bounce-back quarter marking a total of 385.9 million shipments. For comparison, in April, the industry stood at only 90.1 million devices shipped. The whole market grew by 4.1 percent as compared to Q4 2019.

As expected, Apple took the lead once again fueled by the release of the iPhone 12 series. The Cupertino saw the best shipment volume of any vendor in a single quarter with 22.2 percent year over year growth.

In terms of shipments, Samsung stood in second place with h 73.9 million units sold for the quarter and a 6.2% yearly growth. Xiaomi came in third with 43.4 million shipments and a flat 32 percent yearly growth which is the largest of all vendors. The top five were rounded off by Oppo and Huawei with 33.8 million and 32.2 million shipments respectively.

Company Q4 2020 Shipments
(in million)
Q4 2020
Market share
Q4 2019 Shipments
(in million)
Q4 2019
Market share
Apple 90.1 23.4% 73.8 19.9%
Samsung 73.9 19.1% 69.5 18.8%
Xiaomi 43.3 11.2% 32.8 8.9%
Oppo 33.8 8.8% 30.6 8.3%
Huawei 32.3 8.4% 56.2 15.2%
Others 112.4 29.1% 107.1 28.9%
Total 385.9 100% 369.9 100%

If we talk about the yearly report, Apple remains at the top. Samsung, even though it had a hard time with sales, managed to keep its position as the top Android smartphone manufacturer in the global market.

Huawei, on the other hand, plummeted from 56.2 million shipments in Q4 2019 to just 32.2 million in Q4 2020 resulting in a 42.4% decrease in shipment volumes and hence fell out of the Top 5 smartphone makers for the first time in six years. Chinese smartphone competitors were pretty quick on gobbling up their market share especially Xiaomi that marked an impressive 32 percent yearly growth.

However, the biggest gains were captured by Realme that recorded a whopping 65 percent year on year growth. The company nearly doubled its shipped smartphones in Q4 of 2020 with 14 million totaling 42.4 million shipments throughout the year maintaining the title of the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world for five consecutive quarters now.