SSGC Fined for Faults in Utility Grid Over Customer’s Complaint

The Consumer Protection Court East has imposed a fine of Rs. 100,000 on the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Thursday in response to complaints about the presence of water in the gas pipeline.

The verdict also extended a three-year imprisonment sentence for the linked SSGC officials if they defaulted on the submission of the fine, in the event of which, it would be doubled.

A copy of the verdict has been dispatched to the Oil and Gas Regulation Authority (OGRA) for due diligence.


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The complainant Umair Hussain revealed that prior to today’s court session, he had been forced to use gas cylinders which are costly and dangerous. He had visited the SSGC offices multiple times since 2018 but the company had not resolved his problems.

As per the minutes of the court, Judicial Magistrate Javed Ali Korejo stated that several people had faced similar issues.

Korejo remarked in a statement to the gas company,

SNGPL is ordered to provide all kinds of services to its consumers.


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He sympathized with the petitioner who had endured the issues for two years and fined the gas company against the underlined charges.

A deadline has been set for its submission and in case it is avoided, the fine will be doubled to Rs. 200,000, and a 3-year prison sentence will be awarded to the defender.

For now, SSGC has yet to file an official statement.