Indians Disagree With ICC Over Gwadar Cricket Stadium’s Beauty

Gwadar Cricket Stadium has made quite an impression on the cricketing fraternity all across the world. Images of the stunning stadium were shared by the official Twitter account of the International Cricket Council (ICC) with the caption, “Show us a more picturesque sports venue than the Gwadar cricket stadium in Balochistan. We’ll wait…”


Picturesque Gwadar Cricket Stadium Goes Viral, Leaves ICC in Awe

South African cricketer, Tabraiz Shamsi, was also left in awe of the beautiful stadium and jokingly asked the third T20I between Pakistan and South Africa to be moved there. Famous TV personality, Fakhr-e-Alam, shared the video of the stadium and urged the people and national teams to tour the beautiful stadium and described it as the most beautiful ground he has ever seen.

Cricket Stadium was trending on Twitter throughout the day yesterday and had over 9,500 retweets and 65,000 likes.

However, such praise from ICC for Pakistan does not usually sit well with Indians. They disagreed with ICC and posted pictures of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association [HPCA] Stadium in Dharamsala, arguing it was more beautiful than Gwadar Cricket Stadium.


South African Spinner Asks to Move 3rd T20I to Stunning Gwadar Stadium

Which one of these is the most beautiful cricket stadium in the world? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Have a heart, jealous Indians. The world has never and will never revolve around you.

    HCPA will soon be inside Chinese soverign territory.

  • HCPA has different picturesque and Gawadar has a different. Both are equally very beautiful and very scenic. Its an honour to witness high level matches on both these venues in our lifetime.

  • Both the cricket stadiums are beautiful. Beauty is always kept in eye of the beholder. Its all natural beauty, not made by humans, there is no debate.
    Please stop arguing and praise beauty!

  • I think both the cricket stadiums are beyond beauty, both are adorable and feshens one’s eyes. HPCA stadium with the splendid view of lush green mountains tops with shining ice and our own Gawadar Stadium in arid land are two different yet applaudable stadiums.

  • Well off course Gwadar Cricket Stadium is the most breathtaking and exquisite stadium in the world.

  • Weather makes both Grounds out standing. Even in South Africa also have dazzling grounds.

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