EV Policy for 4-Wheeled Vehicles to be Introduced Tomorrow [Updated]

Update: It has been revealed to us by an official source that the launch of the EV Policy for 4-wheeled vehicles has been postponed to a later date. Details are yet to be had as to what caused the postponement or to which date the launch has been rescheduled. For more updates about the development, stay tuned.

An official of the Ministry of Climate Change has confirmed that the government is planning to introduce the new Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy for four-wheeled vehicles in Pakistan tomorrow.

An official document has been shared with ProPakistani, which says that the launch ceremony will be taking place tomorrow morning in Islamabad. The policy is set to entail numerous incentives for EV manufacturers as well as EV buyers in Pakistan.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) informed the auto industry that the new Electric Vehicle Policy will be made a part of the new Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan (AIDEP 2021-26).


EV Policy to Become Part of the New Automative Industry and Export Plan 2021-26

The said policy is set to focus on the small vehicle segment, enhancement of parts localization, modernization of the tractor industry, reduction of vehicle prices, vehicle exports, and employment opportunities for the aspiring talent within the country.

The policy statement also added that the EV Policy shall be the basis of the new policy. It emphasized that the regulatory authorities will ensure that the locally manufactured vehicles match international quality benchmarks in accordance with the UNECE’s WP-29 regulations.