K-Electric Seeks NEPRA’s Permission to Issue Backdated Bills to Consumers for Rs. 3.9 Billion

K-Electric has sought permission from National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to charge additional Rs. 3.9 billion to consumers backdated bills, reported a national daily.

KE explained this move to be on account of fuel cost adjustment (FCA) for June to December 2020.

K-Electric has sought permission from the government to collect this amount. NEPRA will conduct a hearing on February 23 over this issue to determine whether the requested fuel price variations and quarterly variations are justified.

The total recoverable amount for KE stands at Rs. 6.1 billion, based on the argument that the fuel cost was higher in the specified months. In this amount, the company has proposed to adjust Rs. 2.21 billion, for the months the fuel costs were lower (June, November, and December). This gives the net recoverable amount of Rs. 3.9 billion.


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“We have filed the petition with the regulator, and it would determine the process of recovering this amount as well as the period during which the outstanding amounts would be recovered from the consumers,” the newspaper article a company spokesperson said.

NEPRA has previously implemented this procedure, where it spread FCA recoveries of 36 months into nine months, i.e., the outstanding amount was recovered in 9 monthly installments.

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