Karachi Circular Railway Finally Starts Operations

After a successful trial run of the entire track, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) will reportedly commence operations from today.

Local mainstream media reported that the train traversed successfully from Karachi Station to Orangi Station, prompting the operationalization of the track.

Initially, the portion of the track from Karachi to Orangi had not been functional due to certain hindrances and technical faults which have now been resolved.


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Reportedly, the KCR 1 Up, which is the first train on the track, was scheduled to commence regular operations from Orangi Station at 4:16 PM today.

The KCR 1 Up will include the Manghopir, SITE, Shah Abdul Latif, Baldia, Lyari, and Wazir Mansion stations along its daily route, with City Station as its final destination.

The KCR 2 Down will arrive at Orangi Station at 10:10 am tomorrow, and the KCR 2 Down locomotive will transport passengers to the abovementioned stations.


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As per details, the distance between City Station and Orangi Station is 14 km, with eight stations and twelve railway crossings in between. Initially, the KCR 1 Up and KCR 2 Down will run the daily routes. Each locomotive will haul five coaches which, when combined, can accommodate 500 passengers.

The one-way fare for the service is Rs. 30.

  • Is Malir or Modal Colony station out of Karachi if KCR start than why we can’t see those trains on railway track why track using for waste bin

  • Worlds most populated city Karachi Currently running KCR is not so enough.the railway have to seriously consider about model colony and cover all the station and areas of city it’s a basic need of metropolis people .

  • Original KCR route in 1970s was from Wazir Mansion to Landhi. There were other local trains from Karachi City to Model Colony and to Landhi. There were connections at Drigh Road and Malir Halt and if I am not wrong the day time frequency of KCR was about once an hour each way. The current setup is an eye wash, no way near to 70s, 50 years later.
    KCR is nothing but a publicity stunt.

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