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Peshawar BRT Buses Bought from China Continue to Break Down

Video footage of the breakdown of another Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus was shared by a media outlet yesterday which shows a bus parked near a terminal near Board Bazaar, Peshawar, while its passengers were being transferred to another bus that arrived shortly.

The non-functional bus was later crane lifted to the Chamkani depot.

A spokesperson from TransPeshawar told the media that the underside of the bus had been damaged after hitting an open manhole on the road at a high speed.


Govt is Buying 30 More Buses for Peshawar BRT Due to its Popularity

The Peshawar BRT service had to be halted for four weeks in late 2020 for a team of technical experts to determine the cause of recurring fire incidents that became a concern for the public and the administration. Within weeks of the inauguration of the service, the Peshawar BRT had reported multiple incidents of breakouts of fire in various buses that have been purchased from a Chinese vehicle manufacturer.


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However, since the resumption of services, not many breaking down had been reported, and the service has gained popularity in the region.

On Monday, a spokesperson for TransPeshawar told the media that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will add 30 more buses to the BRT fleet to accommodate its growing number of commuters.

  • Nothing to do with Chinese buses. Improper handling and poor maintenance from local authorities.

    • Sorry bro, this is our media dirty face to spread negative energies .. China is our fastest friend and brother country.. Chinese percentage of production world wide is enough to guage its success

  • There was a protest from security guards who blocked the bus way, for God sake authenticate before sharing fake news. I was there myself.

  • This photo having a another bus in the background seem to be somewhere else, not the stated station of board bazar.

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