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Police Arrests the Owner of the Porsche Dealership in Lahore

After 15 people lodged complaints of monetary fraud against the Porsche Centre Lahore Performance Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd, the authorities jumped into action to arrest the owner of the dealership in Lahore.

The owner of the Porsche dealership, Syed Abuzar Bokhari, was arrested by the police, following numerous complaints received by multiple police stations across Lahore.

The complaints stated that the owner of the dealership received around Rs. 50 million from each buyer as the booking fee for Porsche Taycan, the German sportscar maker’s all-electric luxury super-sedan. The dealership gave them a certain period for the delivery of the vehicle, but the car was never delivered.

The complainants told the media that they later approached the owner of the dealership about the issue, whereby he told them that the cars could not be delivered and that their booking amount shall be refunded.


Porsche Pakistan Issues Clarification Over Rs. 800 Million Fraud

The dealership gave back the checks worth millions of rupees to each buyer, but the complainants said that when they took the cheques to the bank for refunding, the cheques got bounced, leaving the buyers at a loss of millions of rupees because the dealership failed to deliver on its promise.

One of the customers, Mian Mohammad Ali Moeen, told the media that he had gone through the same procedure with the dealership, of depositing the booking amount and then waiting for the standard delivery time.

Moeen added that after a couple of delays, he was told by the owner of the dealership that the car was not coming and that he could have his money back. Moeen further stated that he was later told by the owner that the main dealership in Dubai had declared bankruptcy and that the dealership cannot pay back the amount.

Following that development, Moeen filed a lawsuit against Bokhari and also submitted a complaint to Porsche AG, who, upon reportedly having received several similar complaints, finally canceled the company’s distribution license.

Porsche is one of the biggest names in the global automotive industry. A controversial incident such as this with Porsche’s name involved is likely to serve as a terrible representation of the Pakistani Automotive Industry. Whether or not the damage is repairable for the dealer, however, remains to be seen.

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