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Porsche Pakistan Issues Clarification Over Rs. 800 Million Fraud

Porsche Pakistan found itself in hot waters after being accused by the mainstream media of conducting dubious business activity. Various media outlets reported that a dealer of Porsche situated in Lahore, Pakistan, had fled the country after obtaining almost Rs. 800 million from the customers in the name of advance booking amount.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Performance Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. a.k.a. Porsche Pakistan has filed for legal action against the perpetrator in multiple police stations across Lahore, where the dealership and the regional head-office is based.


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The police have also reportedly sought the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) assistance and have notified Interpol to bring the fraudulent party to justice.

Amidst the chaos, however, it has been observed that specific outlets spread misconstrued information among the people. In response to those statements, Porsche Pakistan has issued an official clarification, which is as follows:


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Reports also add that the fraudulent party after taking the huge sum of money from the customers made a stop in Dubai and later fled to London, England.

Porsche Pakistan has seemingly been in a legal war with the fraudster for quite some time. The company has ensured that it is employing all viable means to bring the perpetrators to justice and expect the whole situation to reach a favorable end soon.

  • @cool; being fake and misusing the name are 2 different things, please make sense of what you are saying. Neither accusation seem to apply here. Perhaps what you should instead be saying is that they should not be making such official statements under this letterhead given the nature of dispute and instead your their own legal letterhead, this act makes the statement dubious.

    From what’s written in the letter; even does not seem to know what they are writing, complete mismatch in what’s being reported and what’s being claimed in letter.

    What remains to be clarified is why would Porsche not honor it’s commitments if it collected the advance. Porsche would be committing a business suicide by acting this way just to switch its distributorship as this was translate to complete loss of reliability irrespective of its local agent. It’s more likely that the accused party has fabricated facts or has been unable to execute transactions in a manner that complies with its distributorship agreement.

    An official statement by Porsche AG may clarify facts.

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