HEC Warns Students to Verify Accreditation of Degrees Before Applying for Admission

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued a list of the accreditation councils for professional degrees in order to help students verify the authenticity of an educational institute before taking admission.

The list that includes the names and contact details of the accreditation councils for engineering, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, technology, etc. was issued in a Twitter post that also warned students to confirm the accreditation of professional degrees offered at educational institutes before applying for admission.


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The HEC said that the list had been issued after it had noticed that some universities are offering degree programs without obtaining accreditation from the professional councils.

In the larger public interest, it is important that commencement of new professional programs be only undertaken after the complete observance of all the requirements prescribed by the Councils.


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The HEC said that the non-recognition of such graduates by the professional councils directly compromises their futures. It advised applicants and their parents to determine whether their chosen degree program is accredited by the concerned council before applying for admission at an institute.