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Citizens in Punjab to Pay Additional Gasoline Tax on Public Transport

In order to make up for the subsidy and promote public transport, the Punjab government has decided to impose a ‘Gasoline Tax’ in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

Currently, the Punjab government is providing a monthly subsidy of Rs. 12 billion to the operators of Orange Line Train and Metro Bus Systems in these cities.


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Under the approved mechanism, citizens of these cities will be charged an extra Rs. 1-2 per liter in addition to the regular prices of petroleum products regulated by the federal government.

According to details, the decision has been taken on the recommendation of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) and it will come into effect on 1 March.

Muhammad Shah, PMA’s GM Operations, has said that gasoline tax is a standard practice that aims to promote public transport around the world.


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He argued that ‘Gasoline Tax’ will generate significant revenue annually which the provincial government will allocate for subsidizing the public transport in the three cities.

On the other hand, citizens of these cities have unequivocally rejected the ‘Gasoline Tax’ claiming that the tax will put an additional burden on the public that is already grappling with a strained financial situation.

  • Do PTI has any agenda other then FRB ,TAX & “NRO nahi doon ga”. Prices of most common daily use items prices are getting higher & higher without any reason which are uncontrollable by PTI govt. Only we listen “Hum Notice Le Rahay Hain” & very next day items get its new value tag. Really shameful management.

  • Whenever the government provide a comparison on thing they wish to justify why dont they provide other facilities the developed countries provide to their citizens?

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