Oppo to License its VOOC Fast Charging Tech to Third Parties

Oppo’s VOOC fast charging technology is about to become a lot more common as the company has decided to license it to third parties. The Chinese company started off the VOOC fast charging project in 2014 and it has been maintained as a separate branch ever since.

Oppo has now become part of a new Flash Initiative that has been kicked off in collaboration with accessory maker Anker, chipmaker NXP Semiconductors, and car maker FAW-Volkswagen. As part of this initiative, OPPO will be licensing its proprietary VOOC fast charging tech to third parties.

As a result of this collaboration, the aforementioned companies will be able to make full use of Oppo’s charging technology in their products.

Anker, the brand known for its chargers and power banks will enable the technology in homes. FAW-Volkswagen will soon have VOOC fast charging in their cars for drivers as well as passengers. NXP will focus on creating PCB assemblies with Oppo’s technology so other companies can easily integrate it into their products such as cars, public spaces, industrial settings, etc.

These companies will also have full access to Oppo’s already available variety of wired and wireless charging technology. The image below shows Oppo’s current lineup of chargers available.

It is unclear whether phone makers will also be joining the Flash Initiative, but it would be a highly welcome development for all.