Airline Passengers Will Soon Require a Travel Pass for Air Travel

International Air Transport Association (IATA), a trade association of 290 airlines worldwide, is planning to introduce its COVID-19 Travel Pass by the end of next month.

The IATA’s COVID-19 Travel Pass is basically an application that will allow governments and airlines to collect, access, and share information on passengers’ Coronavirus test and vaccination statuses.


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In an official statement, IATA said the move is aimed at resuming quarantine-free international travel and speeding up the recovery of the hard-hit aviation industry.

So far, 30 airlines have signed up to test the Travel Pass during March and April. Singapore Airlines will be the first operator to trial the application on an end-to-end London Heathrow route next month.


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With the launch of Travel Pass and continued Coronavirus vaccinations across the world, IATA has estimated air travel to reach around 50% of the pre-Coronavirus pandemic level by the end of this year.

Previously, IATA had predicted air travel to recover 50% in early 2021. However, the unabated spread of Coronavirus and the emergence of new and more infectious strains delayed the recovery of the aviation industry.