New Suzuki Swift is Coming to Pakistan This Year

The second-generation Suzuki Swift was introduced in Pakistan back in 2010 to a warm reception and became an instant hit due to its modern characteristics and strong performance. It has been such a success that the Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is still selling it in Pakistan while skipping the launch of the third-generation Swift.

Recent updates by various outlets have confirmed that PSMC will discontinue the production of first-generation Suzuki Swift around August this year.


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It has also been confirmed that the automaker will reveal the new Suzuki Swift in the second quarter of the 2021 calendar year, which will be available for sale by the end of the year.

Although details about the specifications of the vehicle are sparse, it is likely that Pakistan will get the car with Suzuki’s K12M engine, which is a 1.2 liter, naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder, a petrol-powered unit that makes 82 hp, 113 Nm of torque, and is mated to a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AGS gearbox. The car is also offered with the same engine in India and Africa.


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After decades in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki is a popular name in the country, and will significantly boost its reputation with the launch of the new Swift, which is already one of the most-liked vehicles, as people will flock to dealerships to book it.


  • AGS has better fuel mileage w.r.t CVT
    AGS can be converted into triptronic transmission with minor modification

  • CVT gearboxes are so much more comfortable and with large engines at higher speeds they can be more economical.
    HOWEVER, I personally would not buy a CVT geared car unless it’s above 2.5 litres in engine capacity because of the amount of loss in engine power due to the inherent flaw in CVT gearboxes. Also at city and Pakistani highway speeds CVT will not be anywhere near as economical as AGS as AGS is basically a manual gearbox being operated by a robot and that means no torque converters. AGS is also better if u live in hilly areas because again no loss in power due to no torque converter.
    Last but most importantly for me and other car enthusiasts who have to deal with city rush hours and don’t want manual in city but want a manual in hilly areas for a bit of driving pleasure and satisfaction of changing a manual gear, AGS is the only compromise south of a DUAL CLUTCH gearbox, which you can’t get in small cars sadly.

  • It would be better if Suzuki introduce safety features in all variants. Also new Swift should have a hybrid/EV variant.

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