Lahore’s Increasing Traffic Raises Grave Environmental and Safety Concerns

The latest report by the Motor Registration Authority of the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has revealed that close to 4 million vehicles have been registered in Lahore over the last ten years.

The excise and taxation department has earned billions of rupees in the process of registering vehicles, which is the brighter side of the picture. However, on the bleaker side, the rise in the number of vehicles on the road has resulted in a rise in environmental pollution and road accidents.

The report states that around 2.95 million motorcycles, 794,381 cars, 119,703 rickshaws, 23,149 tractors, 26,885 trucks, 3,950 double-cabin vehicles, 17,475 buses, 1,884 ambulances, 39,553 vans, 11,570 taxis, and 2,398 cranes have been registered over the past ten years.


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The rising number of vehicles on the road has placed the district planners in a tough spot, as so much traffic is becoming increasingly hard for them to manage.

Commenting on the situation, the Motor Registration Authority Director, Rana Qamarul Hassan, told the media that, although the rising road traffic is a concerning issue, the excise and taxation department is still obliged to register every vehicle that fulfills the legal requirements.

Lahore Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Syed Hammad Abid, acknowledged the gravity of the situation. To tackle the problem, he said that the public and the authorities must work together.

“We have to adopt the habit of group travel. No matter how much the roads are widened, it will not solve the traffic problems caused by the rate at which motorcycles and other vehicles are being registered,” CTO stated.

  • How many have Driving License ? World Best Practices to Reduce Vehicle on Road is to Test Driving License first before issuing New Car/ Bike . it will automatically reduce onboard Vehicles .

    • Agree. Also invest in public transport sector and infrastructure. Create jobs in those sectors and ban rickshaws. That is the only answer. Most countries do not have traffic issues simply due to the absence of motorcycles, rickshaws, loaders and donkeys on the road. Not to mention they are developed countries and dirt poor failed states.

      • Banning Rickshaw won’t help because if it is done than there’ll be an outburst of unemployment. Just think,119,703 families will lost their solo source of income.People in bureaucracy don’t think like you.

  • I think the government should make zero taxes on hybrid and electric cars and should introduce emissions regulations on every vehicle by testing them like other countries do and link vehicle registration to licenses to see if the driver is valid

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