KU in Hot Waters Over Lack of Ph.D. Faculty Members

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has asked the University of Karachi to clarify its position regarding the lack of lecturers with Ph.D. degrees in its Department of Law.

A two-member bench heard a petition pertaining to the non-availability of Ph.D. qualified teachers in the department.


A representative of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), also a party in the case, replied that a university department must have at least two faculty members with Ph.D. degrees.

“A university degree that does not meet this requirement is not recognized,” the official stated.


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The court then asked how the students at the Department of Law are pursuing Ph.D. degrees when this condition has not been fulfilled.

The court has sought an explanation from the administration of KU on April 8.

  • ہhamaray taleemi mayar main gadhay phd karkay danishmand kahlatay hain, yahi ہال VCs ka hai jinke aksariat clerk thee magar naqal aur gath jore kay nizam nay inko danishwari ke sand day dee, yahi haal insaf kay nizam ka hai, jo jitna nalaiq tha aaj gthia qism ke phd karkay taleem ka bera gharq kar raha hai

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