Saudi Arabia Announces Major Changes to Kafala System for Foreigners

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has announced significant changes to its Kafala sponsorship system that came into effect on 14 March.

The Kafala sponsorship system essentially ties foreign employees to their bosses or sponsors for their visa and legal statuses in the KSA but the amendments to it now allow workers in the private sector to change jobs, have better job mobility, and leave the country without the consent of their employers.


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According to the details, foreign employees are permitted to switch jobs once their work contracts end, and transfer from jobs during the validity of their contracts after notifying their employers within a timeframe.

Under the amendment, workers are exempted from the ‘exit authorization’ that they previously had to obtain from their employers prior to traveling.


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This development has been welcomed by the expatriate workers who said that the changes in the system have provided them more liberties and choices.

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