Islamabad Police Begins Crackdown Against Loud Bikes & Vehicles

Islamabad Police has released a public notification informing that an aggressive crackdown has been launched against loud bikes and cars driving around in the residential areas. The operation has been initiated under the orders of the Inspector-General (IG) of the federal police force.

Due to the excessive noise pollution caused by the commuter-bikes, sports bikes, and cars with modified exhausts or no exhausts at all, the residents of Islamabad have submitted numerous complaints before the authorities to stop the menace.

IG Islamabad Police has ensured that strict action shall be taken against those violating the new instructions. He added that the residential areas of the capital city shall be kept under thorough and stringent observation, especially during the evenings.


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The operation shall be facilitated by the department’s “smart stop & search” strategy, which involves a stop-and-search surprise point in each zone. After every two hours, the police operatives change their position and move to new locations to maintain the element of surprise and keep the check and balance dynamic.

With the said strategy, the department aims to establish discipline within the residential areas of Islamabad. The degree of success from the strategy is yet to be observed.

  • Really Pathetic.. This is something unacceptable. People who have spend money on modifying cars/bikes shouldn’t be charged like this. If police are cracking down against such people. They should pay the expenses of reverting back to the normal exhausts. Just a thought.

    • lmao are you kidding me? Do you even know that modifying bikes to increase their noise is illegal? It’s like saying “If you want to arrest a criminal then you should atleast pay him back the money it took to conduct the crime”

  • Finally a good and sensible decision from Islamabad police. I hope that they don’t just let em go by taking some bribe.

  • It should not be applied to all the cars as mostly expensive fancy cars have a loud exhaust and there are many fancy cars in Islamabad and the owners of those vehicles would be vey unhappy with the decision.

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