NHMP to Use Drones For Motorway Surveillance

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) announced the launch of drone technology to carry out highway patrolling on Wednesday.

A media report states the Motorway Police have bought a fair number of drones to have an around-the-clock bird’s eye view of the activity on the motorway.

The said decision is reportedly a part of a 5-year plan that entails the NHMP’s phase-wise transition to a more modern standard of operations. In the initial phase, the drones shall monitor the traffic on the M9 motorway.


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An NHMP official told the media that the pilot project for testing out drone technology to patrol motorways and highways began a month ago. The official added that Drone surveillance provides an easier, faster, and cheaper alternative to patrol cars as it offers more visibility and greater mobility at a lesser cost.

The report adds that Prime Minister Imran Khan recently green-lit the formation of a Civil Drone Authority. The institution shall explore the peaceful and productive uses of drone technology in commerce, agriculture, security, and research.

The Prime Minister noted that the organization would play an important role in the localization of the said technology and the formation of rules and regulatory policies.