Chinese Liquor Company Gets License to Operate in Pakistan

A Chinese company has received a license to manufacture liquor in Pakistan.

As per media reports, the Chinese liquor manufacturer, Hui Coastal Brewery and Distillery Limited registered itself with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in April last year, with the Hub (Balochistan) address.


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Reports suggest that the Excise, Taxation and Anti-Narcotics Department of Balochistan issued a license to the company to launch a joint venture at the Lasbela Industrial Estate Development Authority.

Hui Coastal Brewery has vast experience in liquor manufacturing and is known for producing some of the world’s most famous brands. With its plant in Lasbela, Hui will become the first Chinese company to manufacture liquor in Pakistan.


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The company plans to produce two famous liquor brands for export purposes. The entire process from manufacturing to packaging will be carried out in this plant.

    • Konsi Islamic country? Jahan steel kay glass ko zanjeer dalni parti hei, jahan har cheez milawat shuda milti hei.

      • شلوار پر باڑہ ڈالنے کے ساتھ گلاس کو بچانا بھی لازم ہے

        ورنہ نشہ کرنے والے چرسی افیون کے شوقین اس کو بیچ دیتے ہیں اسلام اور نشہ کی مجبوری کا تعلق نہیں

      • I agree with your pointers and no country is perfect in world, lekein mazeed kanjar khanayb k khilaf awaz uthani chahye…

  • Lanat ha bhai asy logon pr jo non Muslims ko sharab khany kholny ki permission bhe dety hain, wsy ti ye log RIASAT E MADINA ki bt krty hain, ab kahan gya in ka Eman or yaqeen, sharm ani chaey is trha ka koi kam kry sy phely, is ko jitna jaldi ho sky order krta cancel ker dain tky koi hmri islamic state. A is trha ka kam na kr sky or jo phely bhe k Jo rha brewing industry open hain un ko bhe permanent close kr den

    • یہ جو مملکت پاکستان میں شراب کی بھٹیاں ہیں جن کے مالکان مسلمان ہیں اور شراب پینے والے اور پینے والیاں بھی مسلمان ھیں ابھی پچھلے دنوں پی ڈی ایم کے جلسے میں ایک لیگی خاتون نشے میں بہکی بہکی باتیں کر رہی تھی۔ کسی جے یو آئی کے ملا نے اس پر اعتراض نہیں کیا۔

      • Bhai aik hora hai sharaab peens our aik hora hai permission daina government ny permission de hai..sharaab tu pakistan mai buhut sary log pee rahy hai..yaha per bat peeny ke nahi government ke permission dainy ke horahi hai..

  • what will be the next news after this ? night clubs ? p**n legalize extra? thanks PTI n PM

  • Khuda ki laanat ho aisy logon pe jo kisi bhi tarah se is ganday…ghaleez khail me shamil hen khuda aisay logon or in ki tmam tr nasloon ko gjarq kray..saray kho aameen.

  • All in opposition to this, please do search for Murree Brewery. Thanday raha karoo. Akal sy jiya karoo.

    Mazhabi cheez hy, tum musalman ho, na pioo. Tumhara iman kiun kharab hota hy. Ya phir tum is liay nae pity kiun ky tumhay milti nae? Jis dil milay gi, pi loo gy? Yeh to musalman wali baat na hui na phir. Yeh to mushrikoun wali harkat hy.

    • beta its just the starting of sharab khany, night clubs and so on . its not about emaan. we cant let the gunah happens infront of us and we keept quiet . we have stand up against this . pm is putting the basis of such haram and illegal things which is prohibited in islam. we need to act now to stop this and get rid of this jews agenda government.

    • beta its just the starting of sh*rab khany, n*ght cl*bs and so on . its not about emaan. we cant let the gunah happens infront of us and we keept quiet . we have stand up against this . pm is putting the basis of such h*ram and i*legal things which is prohibited in islam. we need to act now to stop this and get rid of this j*ws agenda government.

      • Not we, only you and people like you who politicalise “our” deen. “We” are sensible enough to see through this and understand the bigger picture. “We” don’t need to be part of “your” politicised version of “our” Islam.

        Murree Brewery is working in Pakistan before the independence of “Pakistan” and before “Pakistan’s” conversion to “your” politicised “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan.

        Stop using “my” deen for your political gains.

  • Is it the state of Madina? We all should protest it. Possibly Allah may like this act of ours. May Allah give Hidaya to our Rulers.Ameen

  • Most welcome news. This will be great for pakistan economy. A secular pakistan is a prosperous pakistan.

  • Brewing, selling, purchasing, taxing, or facilitating liqour consumption in any manner is forbidden not only in Islam but every religion. Having said so the question arises, what about those who don’t believe in any religion? My question, a very simple one is what makes one go after liqour or any other intoxicating agent when we know that all of them cause you to lose health (and mind). Stanger equation: Islamic Republic/Liqour exporter

  • Liquor is prohibited in Islam, just like Interest or Markup.
    When you can legalise interest by adding the word Islami, then why can’t you produce and sell Islamic liquor as well?

  • Every Pakistani is losing his mind like liquor was not available in Pakistan before this! Thanks to our beloved Ex- PM Nawaz Thag Shareef who gave green signal to all local and international liquor companies, normalised sheehsa and normalised nasha and other hundreds of drugs in Pakistan

  • Shame on those authorities who allowed to operate and given licence in our country which is called a Muslim country. May ALLAH give hidayat AMEEN

  • Kam tolo,jhoot bolo,awam ka maal lootlo,apnay motay pait bharlo,zakat tak kha lo,gadhay kutay khila do, ,bachon ka rape kar lo ,powder pee lo,magar sharab mat peena islam aur Pakistan khatray main aa jai ga.

  • Government wants to generate revenue through taxes. Theres nothing wrong in it as long as it is entirely for export purpose.
    Almost in every house, so called naik musalmans watch movies, songs and etc. Why not open nightclubs as well and bring foreign tourists in pakistan?

  • حضرت انس بن مالک رَضِیَ اللہُ تَعَالٰی عَنْہُ فرماتے ہیں : حضورِ اقدس صَلَّی اللہُ تَعَالٰی عَلَیْہِ وَاٰلِہٖ وَسَلَّمَ نے شراب کے بارے میں دس شخصوں پر لعنت کی: (1) شراب بنانے والے پر۔ (2) شراب بنوانے والے پر۔ (3) شراب پینے والے پر۔ (4) شراب اٹھانے والے پر۔ (5) جس کے پاس شراب اٹھا کر لائی گئی اس پر۔ (6) شراب پلانے والے پر۔ (7) شراب بیچنے والے پر۔ (8) شراب کی قیمت کھانے والے پر۔ (9) شراب خریدنے والے پر۔ (10) جس کے لئے شراب خریدی گئی اس پر۔
    ( ترمذی، کتاب البیوع، باب النہی ان یتخذ الخمر خلاً، ۳ / ۴۷، الحدیث: ۱۲۹۹)

  • They knew that BLM need some liquor to quench their thirst also the drunk politicians of Gareeb-istan.

  • Intehaai sharm ka muqaam he.. Islamic country me Haram cheezen bnane or bechne pr paabandi honi chahye

  • Bhai, sharab to wese b mil rahi hai, log pee b rahe hai, ek rasta nai das raste hai, ab permission mil rahi hai legal way say, nahi di to liquor to wese b mil jai gi.yaha bol ne se ya cancel krne se kuch nai hota, grey channels se a jai gi.

  • Pakistan need to be a modern country like Turkey or malaysia they both are Islamic country but alcohol open in store I have many friends from Malaysia and turkey they never drink alcohol even available to them so its does not matter for a muslim if there is alcohol in store or not its dependent on everyone!in Pakistan still lots of people bcoz of poison bad alcohol its will good if they drink clean and pure alcohol !pakistan need to be a modern country like Dubai turkey malayisa and inforn

  • For the dumb people who are commenting dont even know that a Pakistani brewing company already exists. FYI murree brewers is one of the top tax payers. For anyone who doesnt want to drink. Doesnt need to. Offcourse for your Religion u can avoid tempation and have that much control. Alcohol is made for people who are legally allowed to drink in private homes and for export purposes. And sold by govt licensed sellers only.

  • Liquor production should be banned in Pakistan. Alcohol intoxication has been linked to unsocial behaviour and crime. We already have a very poor law and order situation. A bad decision.

  • Read the last paragraph:

    The company plans to produce two famous liquor brands for export purposes. The entire process from manufacturing to packaging will be carried out in this plant.

    • But the brain dead see … liquor manufacturing in Pakistan…and are flipoing out. They think Pakistan is like Hermain Shareef and this is a big problem. America is far better than Pakistan. Millions of Muslims dont dont drink or do drugs…both available eith ease. Why not? Our “IMAN”…which means the issue in Pskistan is not the sharab. There is a far bigger and cincerning issue that this sharab issue.

  • close