Mexican Companies Interested in the Pakistani Auto Market

Mexico has expressed interest in the auto parts market of Pakistan. The gradually burgeoning auto industry of Pakistan could be a great front for the parts makers to establish a strong foothold.

As per a media report, the interest was expressed from Mexican leaders over a series of four webinars held to improve the harmony between the two country’s industries and to create an action plan for both countries to run smoothly together.

Pakistan’s Commercial Counselor in Mexico, Shabana Aziz had reportedly been keeping good terms with the key stakeholders of the Mexican automotive industry and was able to arrange a meeting between them and the relevant Pakistani representatives.


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Attending the meeting from Mexico were Gunter Daut, President Cluster Automotriz de SLP, Luis E. Portugal, Minister State Representative, Pedro Hugo Garcia Gonzalez, Chairman, and Eduardo Alberto Infante Priego, Vice President Aguascalientes State.

During the meeting, one of the automotive analysts, Mashood Khan highlighted the strong suits of the Pakistani automotive engineering industry and pinpointed various avenues where a mutual partnership could benefit both countries.

The report highlighted that Mexico has the 7th largest auto parts industry in the world, adding that there are several big names in the market that could turn our automotive industry around towards a more efficient and effective direction.

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