Islamabad Resident Served Notice for Using Illegal GSM Signal Booster

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a show-cause notice to an Islamabad resident over the use of illegal mobile signal booster.

According to the notice, the violation was spotted in Islamabad’s F-11 sector during routine monitoring by the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), the authority tasked with assigning the Radio Frequencies with associated technical parameters for all wireless networks.

The notice stressed that GSM amplifiers are illegal and cause interference to authorized frequency which is in contravention to prevailing legal regulatory regime and violation of Pakistan Telecommunication Re-Organization Act, 1996.

The citizen was warned to stop the use of the GSM signal booster and hand over the same to PTA/FAB team. In the case of non-compliance within three working days, the case would be forwarded to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the notice warned.

Moreover, in its notice, PTA has also demanded the user to provide details of the shop/outlet where the device was purchased ‘for further necessary action’ at its end.

GSM Signal Boosters Can Land You In Jail

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) strictly prohibits the use of GSM boosters and anyone found importing, distributing, or using such products can find themselves facing legal action as per the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996 (the Act).


PTA Takes Notice of Illegal GSM Signal Boosters

Specifically, as per Section-31, Sub-Section (2) of the Act: ‘the unauthorized use of the radio frequency spectrum shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to [three] years, or with fine which may extend to ten million rupees, or with both.’ The same law applies to sellers and buyers of the boosters as well.

Only mobile operators are allowed by PTA to import GSM boosters and install them at mobile users’ premises. Through repeated public notices, the authority has been communicating the same to citizens in order to keep them safe from any legal troubles while preventing mobile network disruptions caused by these devices.

Signal boosters have been a big problem for mobile operators in the country, who work to provide greater coverage and better cellphone reception, only to see their efforts thwarted by illegal signal boosters.

  • That is strange do we have any quality signal I live in Main Karachi city Clifton area and I have zero signals, those provider which are saying they are trying to provide quality signal has nothing to do with quality. There is no better solution for people all these network really suck. When you travel they have even not 3G network available for internet.

    And now PTA saying signal boaster wrong, so why they don’t they fix signal issue in country. I was in Dubai we never got issue even in lift we have full signals.

    • So you know this thing called “law”? If there’s a “law” about something, you have to abide by it, no matter what. If you’re poor, that doesn’t give you the right to steal. If you don’t get signals, do your part by submitting a complaint, you don’t get the right to go above the law if you’re not getting something. Two wrongs don’t make one right.

  • If network quality and coverage is so low in a posh Islamabad sector, should the blame really be on this person or rather on PTA and the service provider who are ensuring such low quality of service at that area?

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