Toyota Launches the Corolla Cross SUV in Pakistan

The Toyota Corolla Cross has finally arrived in Pakistan. As per the original announcement, its launch had been scheduled for December 2020 but was delayed to April 2021 for unknown reasons.

The Corolla Cross is a subcompact crossover SUV that made its global debut in July 2020, and goes head-to-head with other compact crossover SUVs like the Honda Vezel/BR-V, the Nissan Juke, and the Toyota C-HR.

It has been reported that it will be offered here in three variants, the names of which are yet to be revealed. Here is what is known about them:


Reportedly, all the variants will feature a 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder hybrid petrol engine that combines with the performance of an electric motor to make 168 hp at 3600 RPM and 305 Nm of torque at 3600 RPM. All the power is sent to only the front wheels via an e-CVT automatic transmission.

The vehicle consists of McPherson strut suspension in the front, and torsion bar coil-spring suspension at the back. For the brakes setup, the front of the vehicle has ventilated discs with solid discs at the back, an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), and Brake Assist (BA) Technology.


The Corolla Cross is a B-segment SUV that uses Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which it shares with the Toyota C-HR. The following are its measurements:

Particulars Measurements
Length 4,460 mm
Width 1,825 mm
Height 1,620 mm
Wheel Base 2,640 mm
Curb Weight 1,385 kg


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Reports suggest that Indus Motor Company (IMC) will introduce three variants of the Corolla Cross to Pakistan. The top and mid-tier variants will feature seven airbags for the driver, passenger, sides, drive knee, and curtains, and the base variant only has dual airbags. Furthermore, only the top and mid-tier variants will have cruise control and a rain-sensing wiper, and only the top-tier variant has a standard sunroof.

However, all the variants will have ABS, Hill Start Assist, parking sensors, and passenger seat sensors, a shark fin antenna, a rear wiper with auto sensors, push start, smart entry, and multiple drive modes as the standard.

On the inside, the top and mid-tier variant will have an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, leather seats, Dual-Zone Climate Control, and rear AC vents. Inside the low-end variant are fabric seats, a basic audio system with CD/BT, and Single-Zone Auto climate control, but no AC vents for the rear seats.

Additionally, the top variant has a power + kick sensor trunk door, and the base and mid-tier variant only have an electronically locking boot.


Given that the Toyota Corolla Cross is a CBU imported from Thailand, it comes with a hefty price tag. The following are the prices of all its variants:

Variant Price (PKR)
Base 7,689,000
Mid-tier 8,199,000
Top-tier 8,399,000


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As per the report, bookings for the Corolla Cross will open on 10 April, and deliveries will begin from 1 July onward. The booking amount of the base and mid-tier variants is likely to be from low to high in the Rs. 3 million range, and the top-tier variant may be in the low Rs. 4 million range.

Despite being a hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Corolla Cross is arguably too expensive to be a subcompact SUV. Had it been a relatively low-priced CKD one, it would have benefited massively from the Pakistani market due to brand loyalty alone.

The vehicle may be high in demand after its launch, but with its price point, and with so many cheaper alternatives available, this seems unlikely.

Via Pakwheels

  • Totally wastage of money Toyota pakistan. Sorento is much better in comforts, features and price wise.

  • Another flop from IMC in the making like Rush, Prius, Camry and many others. Shows you how much unaware they are of market realities.

  • I wouldnt mind getting the Rav 4 in the same price category but corolla cross doesn’t worth the money.

  • A person with dumb mind will buy this SUV. Is there any who is out of mind and will buy Base SUV for 76 lacks which is having only 2 airbags and no sunroof on the other hand his compittetor having more than 2 airbags and full sunroof.and the price is almost 3million lower then this.Toyota management is out of mind.They need to hire expert managers who understand pakistani market.

  • When USD depreciation upto Rs.15/- than how is a small SUV by toyota is for 8,400,000/-No check and survalance by FBR. Must tax who buy this little cross over & the dealer for such a luxury,erogance.

  • bhai your price suggestion is wrong, it is around 7.5M to 8.5M, please check pakwheels

  • Well,the features mentioned above are very impressive.I think it will capture a very high market share in pakistan & in the last quarter of 2021 it’s prices will rise.It will be like corolla axio hybrid evergreen car which is exported to UK,European countries and golf countries as well.Because the car is suitable for all climate conditions.

  • As usual extremely over priced. At this price I would rather go for Fortuner with a powerful engine.!!!.

  • Finally a Hybrid SUV and that too Toyota is coming to Pakistan. Can’t wait and so happy

  • Three variants of Corolla Cross will be introduced to Pakistan! This is great news!

  • Wow i am so glad and joyous to see the launch of new corolla .hope it will be cat of great success

  • Toyota Corolla Suv is a good compact car.It has a class leading predicted reliability rating and a good mpg rating.I am happy to hear that it is coming to Pakistan.Can’t wait!

  • Toyota Corolla Suv is a good compact car.It has a class leading predicted reliability rating.It also has good mpg rating.I am happy to hear that it is coming to Pakistan.Can’t wait!

  • Actually, Toyota Motors Pakistan, Honda Pakistan and Suzuki Motors Pakistan – all three manufacturers have turned into “Auto Mafia” and they rob and befool Pakistanis by selling sub-standard vehicles at exorbitantly high price, knowing very well that no regulatory body is there to question them. The same vehicles, with a lot more additional features, are available in other countries, and even in India, at about 40% lower price.
    This is only because we don’t have vibrant Consumer Societies and Consumer Courts.
    A couple of months ago, the federal cabinet showed its displeasure over high handedness of auto manufacturers and vowed to rationalise the prices of automobiles …… but we never heard of it again.
    The most interesting part of the automobiles price hike is that whenever rupee loses against the dollar, the automobile manufacturers increase the price three times of the actual effect and when rupee gains against the dollar, they again increase the price. This robbery of Pakistani people is going on unabated. God help us.

  • The greatest news is that three variants of Corolla Cross will be introduced to Pakistan!

  • Cars in Pakistan should be much cheaper. I am not sure this 55,000USD value is just sucking the money out of Pakistanis like British used to do back in colonial days. Camry 2021 here is the US with top tier costs 25,000 USD more than half of the money which Pakistani are paying. I think Pakistani people should ask their government to bring healthy competition in the country so prices are lowered. Let expatriate Pakistanis export cars their or bring with them duty free and you will see drop in prices with better quality.

  • People are getting now full awareness of high prices suction by these three old brands of Pakistan. Kia sportage is getting high respose due to its price & features. Why not buy bmw of this design with all features & 2 to 3 millions less price with handsome conditions

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