Here’s How Much Car Prices Have Increased Since 2019 Despite Same Dollar Rate [Comparison]

The Pakistani rupee has been performing quite well against the US dollar as of late, with the value of the dollar now being the lowest its ever been in the past two years. This should imply that the current decrease in the price of the dollar should be reflected in the car industry as well.

Today, the price of the US dollar reached Rs.153, which is important because the dollar cost almost the same back in June of 2019, back when the cars were significantly cheaper.


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Since the recovery of the value of the rupee began back in August of 2020, several automakers had been increasing prices after every few months instead of reverting the prices to what they were in 2019.

To highlight the price difference of cars between the two periods whereby the value of USD was PKR 153, here’s a comprehensive list of popular cars of Pakistan and their prices in June of 2019 and April of 2021.

Following is the price difference between the cars in the aforementioned months:

Vehicles Price June 2019 (PKR) Price April 2021 (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
Honda Atlas Cars
Honda Civic Turbo RS 3,799,000 4,699,000 900,000
Honda Civic 1.8 3,199,000 3,729,000 530,000
Honda Civic 1.8 Oriel 3,399,000 3,979,000 580,000
Honda City 1.3 MT 1,919,000 2,449,000 530,000
Honda City 1.3 AT 2,059,000 2,639,000 580,000
Honda City 1.5 MT 1,979,000 2,529,000 550,000
Honda City 1.5 AT 2,119,000 2,699,000 580,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 MT 2,134,000 2,699,000 565,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 AT 2,274,000 2,859,000 585,000
Honda BR-V MT 2,284,000 3,159,000 875,000
Honda BR-V CVT 2,284,000 3,319,000 875,000
Honda BR-V S CVT 2,569,000 3,479,000 910,000
Al Haj FAW Motors
FAW V2 1,289,000 1,609,000 320,000
FAW X-PV Standard 1,034,000 1,244,000 210,000
FAW X-PV Dual AC 1,094,000 1,304,000 210,000
FAW X-PV Power Edition 1,134,000 1,344,000 210,000
United Cars
United Bravo 895,000 1,099,000 204,000
Changan Pakistan
Changan Karvaan 1,119,000 1,490,000 371,000
Toyota Indus Motor Company
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 AT 3,069,000 3,369,000 300,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 MT 3,069,000 3,549,000 480,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 CVT 3,205,000 3,699,000 494,000
Altis Grande 1.8 CVT SR 3,409,000 3,979,000 570,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 VVT-i 7,299,000 8,399,000 1,100,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Sigma4 7,819,000 9,149,000 1,330,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G MT 5,009,000 6,342,000 1,333,000
Toyota Hilux Revo G AT 5,239,000 6,664,000 1,425,000
Toyota Hilux Revo V AT 5,559,000 7,041,000 1,482,000
Pak Suzuki Motor Company
Suzuki Wagon R VXR 1,264,000 1,640,000 376,000
Suzuki Wagon R VXL 1,344,000 1,730,000 386,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR 1,440,000 1,780,000 340,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL 1,551,000 1,970,000 419,000
Suzuki Cultus AGS 1,668,000 2,130,000 462,000
Suzuki Swift DLX MT 1,585,000 2,030,000 445,000
Suzuki Swift DLX AT 1,721,000 2,210,000 489,000
Suzuki APV 3,140,000 4,575,000 1,435,000
Suzuki Vitara GLX AT 4,090,000 6,500,000 2,410,000

As per the aforementioned figures, the average price increase over the course of the past two years has been Rs. 6 lac. The lowest increase has been in the price of the United Bravo, which is Rs. 204,000, whereas the highest increase has been in that of the Suzuki Vitara, which is Rs. 2.41 million.


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The automakers are always looking for an opportunity to increase the prices of the vehicles upon the slightest fluctuation in the value of the dollar. However, they have all been silent despite a significant decline in the value of the dollar.

Now is the time for the authorities to seek an explanation from the automakers and have them regulate the prices in a favorable and orderly manner going forward.


  • Means, this are all amount in profit: and already they have merging 30%*
    Where is Auto Minister what they doing ?

  • This should be shown to Imran Khan, maybe via the citizen portal or any other way because the imbecile team he has, won’t be bothered. They would probably extort the automakers and ask for bribe money to stay quiet. Or probably not do anything cos the higher the prices, the higher the tax percentage for the government.

    • Citizen portal is just nothing more than a publicity stunt. The complaints launched there just have to have a status marked there which is most of the time ‘partial relief granted’ which is marked by the departments by finding a way out. There is a very rare percentage of those complaints that are marked as complete relief granted.

  • Well prices may have been jacked while the dollar has slid, but it should be kept in mind that electricity costs, gas and other material inputs remain costly as ever. Moreover, to check if the auto companies have been reaping excess profits all those including the author who think that the prices should come down immediately should study the latest financial reports of these companies. These are publicly listed companies and financial reports are easily accessible.

    • When it times to go up, suddenly they apply 150% impact of dollar increase on the car prices as if they are importing even the after service costs. When it comes to decreasing prices, someone like you suddenly start referring to local manufacturing cost increase. Do whatever you do but this kind of price increase can’t be justified no matter local or imported.

  • Why any minister will call for explanation because he is having large share in monthly, or he is share holders of these automakers. Businesses are owned n controlled by politicians. No hope of change in Pakistan

  • Nice work but comparison shoild be from Sep18 to Apr2021 so that we may see the price hike in PTI ttenure.


  • One more thing. Hamari quom qarion k pechy asy dewani hy jasy dubara nai mily gi. Agar 2 months koi gari na kay tou sab theek ho jae ga. I mean if auto manufacturer are selling all their production then why they think about lower price. So hamara bhe qasur hy.

  • A comparison of exchange rate is simply not enough, you have to reflect with changes in duty structure of 2019 vs 2021 as well. Otherwise this is just misleading and frustrating to a layman.

  • khan sb akele kya kare, mafia bohat bara ha. Hum sb ko aik sipahi hote hoe garion k khilaf elan e jang kar k cycle pe office jana chaheye, people in europe dont feel disgrace why should we?

  • There are several other factors which come into play such as local parts cost which totally depend on the factors of local inflation and increasing utility costs plus the effect of Covid has increased the cost of manufacturing goods. Also internal expenses and advertising costs to counter new entrants also come into consideration. To cut it short, its not only dollar fluctuation which controls the cost but several economical factors that comes into picture. Good study but pivoting all blame on one point is very harsh for auto companies.

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