13-Year Old Kills TMA Employee in Lahore

In a tragic incident that occurred in Lahore, an employee of the Town Municipal Authority (TMA) was crushed to death by a vehicle being driven by a minor in Nawab Town on Sunday.


The police rushed to the scene of the crime near the Valencia roundabout and arrested the 13-year-old driver by the name of Abdullah Tariq.


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As per reports, the car had been clocking 120 km/h when it hit 45-year-old Arshad Bhatti who had been a member of the team that had raided a farmhouse on Saturday night.

A case has been registered against the teenager for driving without a license and overspeeding.


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The minor is a resident of Punjab University Town on Raiwind Road.


  • Driving without a license and killing or injuring someone in the process equates to attempted murder by law.

  • Being a Minor – Put homicide charges on his parents allowing him to drive without licence.

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