NEPRA Announces A Big Decrease in WAPDA’s Tariff for Consumers

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has slashed Water and Power Development Authority’s (WAPDA) bulk supply hydel tariff rate by 27%.

According to details, NEPRA has decreased the hydel tariff by Rs. 1.56 per unit to Rs. 4.11 per kWh, which includes Rs. 0.96 per kWh NHP/hydel levies, from Rs. 5.67 per kWh, which included Rs. 3.55 per kWh NHP/hydel levies.


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NEPRA has also reduced the hydel profit and hydel levies by Rs. 2.59 per unit to Rs. 0.96 per unit from Rs. 3.55 per unit.

Meanwhile, NEPRA has decreased the basic hydropower tariff by 49%. The basic tariff has been increased by Rs. 1.03 per unit to Rs. 2.12 per unit from the previous Rs. 3.15 per unit.

NEPRA has also approved revenue requirements worth Rs. 124 billion for WAPDA for FY 2020-21 and devised a revenue gap of Rs. 9 billion against WAPDA’s arrears claim.


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Note that WAPDA had originally contended to fix the bulk supply hydel tariff at Rs. 7.32 per unit but later decreased to Rs. 6.20 per unit against the previously approved tariff of Rs. 5.67 per unit.

WAPDA had also sought approval of revenue requirements worth Rs. 187 billion revenue and claimed arrears of Rs. 53 billion.

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