Librarians & Junior Lecturers are Running Govt Colleges in Karachi: Report

Corruption, anomalies, and nepotism in the government colleges of Karachi have been on the rise due to the incompetence of the Secretary of College Education, Khalid Hayder Shah.

According to reports, the Regional Director of Colleges, Karachi, Abdul Bari Indhar, has handed over the charge of ten government colleges in the provincial capital to the grade 17 junior lecturers.

Similarly, the position of the principal of a college has been handed over to its librarian, rendering its teachers subordinate to a non-teaching employee, something that has never been heard of before.


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It is noteworthy that the officers in grades 19 and 20 had been hired for the position of principal. The former Secretary of Colleges, Baqar Abbas, had taken notice of the handing over the charge of colleges to unrelated individuals instead of principals and had ordered for the handing over of the financial affairs of the colleges to the principals, but now the Regional Director has been appointing principals on a preferential basis.