Here Are Pakistan’s 5 Best Selling Cars in March 2021

Pakistan’s auto sector has made a tremendous recovery after last year’s slump, as per the data released yesterday by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA) which showed that the sales of cars had gone up by 197 percent on a year-on-year (YoY) basis in March 2021.

Like last time, Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has taken the title of the top car seller for the month of March, recording a whopping 280.1 percent increase in sales in March 2021 as compared to the same time last year.

Honda Atlas Cars (HCAR) and the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) also performed admirably last month primarily owing to the fact that the lockdowns in March 2020 had curtailed the business and trade activities and crippled the economy.

These days, with economic activities back in full swing, the demand for cars is at an all-time high, but there are certain vehicles that are more in demand than others.


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Here is a list of the five top-selling cars for March 2021:

Note: An honorable mention in this article goes to the Honda City and Civic as both sold a total of 2,603 units in March, recording a YoY increase of 96.2 percent and a month-on-month (MoM) increase of 18.8 percent in sales. Since the data of both the cars is provided together, they cannot be ranked separately in this list.

5. Suzuki Wagon R

Given how common the Wagon R in Pakistan these days, it is amazing that it is so low on the rankings. Nonetheless, the Wagon R had turned in impressive sales figures of 1,259 units sold as compared to last year’s 310, which allowed it an MoM increase of 54.7 percent and a YoY increase of an impressive 306.1 percent. These incredible figures have landed it among the five top sellers of March 2021.

Number 4: Suzuki Cultus

Around the end of 2020, the PSMC had been struggling to keep up with the raging demand of Cultus in the market due to production-related hiccups that had also led to the company suffering huge losses at the time. Now that the PSMC’s production plant is firing on all cylinders, the car has been selling in rather sizeable numbers.

In March 2021, PSMC sold 1,637 units of the Cultus, recording a YoY increase of 130.6 percent and an MoM increase of 10.3 percent in sales, which makes it the fourth top seller across Pakistan of the month.

Number 3: Toyota Corolla

Despite only being targeted towards Pakistan’s upper socio-economic class, the Toyota Corolla is still among the five top-selling cars here mainly due to its excellent reliability, ease of ownership and maintenance, and supreme resale value.

Toyota IMC had sold 2,126 units of the Corolla in March 2021, recording a YoY increase of 1.8 percent, and a rather sizeable MoM increase of 80.6 percent in sales, making it the third best-selling car of the month.

Number 2: Toyota Yaris

Regardless of the mixed reactions that the Yaris had received upon being launched in Pakistan, it has managed to remain a top seller in the Pakistani market for a long time and has been outselling the Honda City and Civic combined on its own for the past several consecutive months, which is a very impressive feat.

In March 2021, Toyota IMC had sold 3,317 units of the Yaris, recording an MoM increase of 29.3 percent in sales, making it the second best-selling car of the month.


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Number 1: Suzuki Alto

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After a long time of doubts about whether the new Suzuki Alto would be able to take the place of the Mehran in terms of sales, the Alto is finally in its element. Ever since the beginning of this year, PSMC has been cranking out the little hatchback in huge numbers and selling them like hotcakes without any signs of slowing down in the past several months.

In March 2021, PSMC sold a massive 4,745 units of the Alto, recording a gargantuan YoY increase of 436.8 percent, and an MoM increase of 11.8 percent, making it the number one best selling car in Pakistan for the 3rd consecutive month since the beginning of the new year.


It is promising to see the auto sector thriving because the success of these cars will ultimately contribute to Pakistan’s economy and create more job opportunities for Pakistanis. However, it would also be nice to see the effects of this success reflected in the quality and the pricing of the cars.

Although the major car companies here are ironically also exclusive members of the PAMA (Hyundai Nishat was the latest inductee), they have been reporting rather sizeable profits as of late but their products are devoid of many modern features that are offered as standard in other markets. As far as the lack of auto part manufacturers in the country is concerned, it is up to these major automakers to lobby more aggressively for the policy formation that would encourage the parts makers to set up shop in Pakistan.

There has been a recent wave of change in the Pakistani market with several newcomers entering it and competing with the existing contenders for the lion’s share. However, in order to expedite a positive change in the auto market, Toyota IMC, PSMC, and HCAR would have to up their game significantly.

  • You forgot to mention KIA Sportage, which is selling higher than Cultus, Corolla and WagenR from last few months.

  • Honda Atlas Cars (HCAR) and the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) also performed admirably last month primarily owing to the fact that the lockdowns in March 2020 had curtailed the business and trade activities and crippled the economy.

  • Teh paya, saloons and hatchbacks are still more attractive options for buyers, yet SUV’s are enforced down the throat of public.

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