DRAP Decision: Pakistani Doctors Don’t Even Know Actual Medicine Names

Numerous medical practitioners in the federal capital were found to be ignorant of the generic names of the medicines, in order to prescribe them to the patients.

According to the details, Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) barred the doctors from writing the advertised brand names of drugs while prescribing medicines to patients and directed them to write the generic names. However, a number of doctors seem to be unaware of these names and have started seeking pharmacists’ help to recall the generic names of the drugs.


Doctors No Longer Allowed to Write Expensive Brand Names on Prescriptions

The head of the pharmacy department of a public hospital revealed that even though the medical practitioners are supplied a list of chemical names of drugs on a monthly basis, yet they fail to remember those names while prescribing medicines to patients.


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He commended the step taken by DRAP as beneficial for patients, adding that it would ultimately break the supremacy of pharmaceutical companies and doctors who used to provide people with costlier medicines under a brand name.

Via Tribune

  • Such an irresponsible headline. Not all Pakistani doctors are the same. How can you write ‘Pakistani doctors’ in the headline when the survey was only done in a few hospitals in islamabad.

  • One thing that they don’t realize (and by they I mean the Government and DRAP) is that it’s not enough to just make doctors do that and have no check and balance in the pharmacies… After all patients are going to buy the medicines from the pharmacies in the end who are a lot more worse than doctors when it comes to the goodwill of the general public.

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