Pakistan Will Not Become a Base for US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: President Alvi

While the Pentagon seeks an aircraft carrier to help protect the NATO troops in Afghanistan as they withdraw, President Arif Alvi has made it absolutely clear that Pakistan will not become “a base of US action in Afghanistan”.

He stated, “I am not aware and I don’t think Pakistan will be in a position to offer that”.


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While discussing his purview with the media, President Alvi explained that America does not require any increased intelligence presence or a bigger footprint in Pakistan after it leaves Afghanistan in September this year.

He added that Pakistan would assist Afghanistan in rebuilding itself, provided that the talks between Islamabad and Afghanistan go smoothly. “We want peace in Afghanistan,” he declared.

Alvi stated that “Pakistan wants to encourage the people of Afghanistan to come to a solution,” and remarked that Islamabad is doing its part to “influence” and encourage the Taliban to reach a peaceful solution.


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Meanwhile, Pakistan also hopes that a settled Afghanistan free from the overbearing hand of the US will soon be possible.

Hyper-powers essentially have big egos and often compress complex ground realities to fit their warped sense of right and wrong, and this is not an ideal environment to build realistic peace.

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