Asus Zenfone 8 to Launch on May 12 With a Compact Size

The Asus Zenfone lineup of smartphones is about to be updated soon with a compact phone, which is something rare to see in the market these days. The upcoming Zenfone 8 series is becoming official on May 12 and may include a “Zenfone 8 Mini”.


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The teaser poster for the launch event makes it clear enough. The Zenfone 8 is going to be “big on performance” and “compact in size”. The former clearly points towards top-tier performance, so we can expect to see the flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC.

The “Compact in Size” is a clear hint at a smaller smartphone in the series, likely the rumored “Zenfone 8 Mini”. Rather than the entire series being slightly smaller, we expect that the Zenfone 8 Mini will be the only such phone in the series, while the rest will bring the usual screen sizes above 6 inches.

Speaking of multiple phones in the series, it is unclear whether Asus has two or three phones in store for us, but we will likely hear more on that over the upcoming weeks as the launch date draws near. We are also expecting to see more specifications soon enough.

Stay tuned for updates.